Dear Premier,

Privatized, for-profit care means my family will pay more for health care and get less.

Private, for-profit health care won’t add one doctor or nurse to the health care system. In fact, it will “poach” doctors, nurses and other health professionals away from the public system.

For-profit, privatized services take money and resources out of the public system and put it into a private for-profit system that only serves those who can afford to pay.

Our public health care system reflects Canadian values of equality and fairness.

The Canada Health Act was created to ensure that all residents of Canada have access to medically necessary health care based on need – and not ability to pay. Your government should not allow violations of the Act to go unpunished. Law should mean something – the Canada Health Act must be enforced.

We don’t want our public system privatized and dismantled; we want it improved with innovative public solutions.