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Cost of health insurance for typical U.S. family: $23,215 a year  Washington Post, May 21, 2014
Two ways to save national medicare: change course or change government  iPolitics, April 9, 2014
Quebec election result raises hopes for a renewed focus on health care  Montreal Gazette, April 9, 2014
Why Canada’s pricey health-care accord was worth it: Walkom  Toronto Star, April 7, 2014
When is a 6% increase not a 6% increase? If it’s the Canada Health Transfer  Globe and Mail, April 4, 2014
Expiry of health care accord sparks fears  CBC Radio World at Six, March 31, 2014
Expiry of health-care deal sparks concern over drug costs  Canadian Press, April 1, 2014
Calls grow for leadership as national health accord expires  Ottawa Citizen, March 31, 2014
Rally held in Charlottetown to protest end of health funding system  Charlottetown Guardian, March 31, 2014
Canada Health Accord expires, prompting protest, uncertainty  CBC News, March 31, 2014
Medicare after the Accord  CBC Lang & O’Leary, March 31, 2014
It’s a sad day for Canadian health care, says Roy Romanow  Toronto Star, March 31, 2014
Events to be held across the country to mark expiry of health accord  Canadian Press, March 31, 2014
Dire prognostication with the death of the Health Accord  CMAJ, March 31, 2014
Protests across Canada to support health care, as health accord ends  Radio-Canada, March 31, 2014
Sask. Health Coalition slams feds for letting Health Accord expire  CBC News, March 31, 2014
Ottawa Morning : After ten years, the Canada Health Accord expires today.  CBC Radio, March 31, 2014
Dozens protest in Halifax calling on federal government for new health accord  Metro News, March 31, 2014
Medicare defenders set to protest as Health Accord expires  Globe and Mail, March 30, 2014
Ottawa is slowly, stealthily getting out of health care  Globe and Mail, March 28, 2014 (Subscription Only)
Why a two-tiered system won’t solve our health care woes  Globe and Mail, March 27, 2014
Health Accord expires on March 31  Petrolia News, March 27, 2014
Disheartened: Groups have dire predictions for Canada’s health accord  United Church Observer , March 27, 2014
Canadian Health Coalition responds to Winnipeg Sun  Letter to the Editor, March 27, 2014
Private clinics misleading Ontario patients  Canadian Press, March 26, 2014
United Church calls on members to sign pledge for new medicare accord  Canadian Press, March 26, 2014
Canadians want federal leadership in health care, new health accord  Media Release March 25, 2014
Private health insurance in Canada deemed inefficient  CBC News, March 24, 2014
Health care needs PM’s commitment  The StarPhoenix, March 14, 2014
Watch an expert teach a smug U.S. senator about Canadian healthcare  LA Times, March 12, 2014
Medicare Is On the Road to Oblivion Thanks To “Cut and Run”  National News Watch, March 12, 2014
Canadians want budget surpluses invested in healthcare, not tied to the economy  News Release, December 1, 2013
Private clinics under fire for charging ‘block fees’  Ottawa Citizen, October 2, 2013
Don’t stand idly by as Harper dismantles Medicares  Blog, September 20, 2013
Health Council calls for federal leadership in new report  Health Council of Canada, September 18, 2013
New poll carries stark warning to Harper  Media Release, July 24, 2013
Ottawa edges away from public medicare  Toronto Star, July 9, 2013

NEWS RELEASE:  Coalition Supports Senate’s Call for Federal Leadership on Health Care  April 24, 2012
NEWS RELEASE:  Support for public health care soars  November 24, 2011
NEWS RELEASE:  Harper moves Health Accord review from Commons to unelected Senate  March 10, 2011
NEWS RELEASE:  Leading economist shatters myth that public health care is ‘unsustainable’  June 17, 2010
NEWS RELEASE:  Canada Health Act report: Parliament kept in the dark, no accountability  March 25, 2010
NEWS RELEASE:  Priority flu shots are for high-risk not high-income patients  November 2, 2009
e-BULLETIN:  Stand on Guard for Medicare  September 21, 2009
NEWS RELEASE:  Prime Minister, Stand on Guard for Medicare  September 16, 2009
NEWS RELEASE:  New poll shows overwhelming support for public health care  August 12, 2009
NEWS RELEASE:  Private N.B. clinics off the table for now, but vigilance needed  July 28, 2009
e-BULLETIN:  Look, Pledge and Act to Protect Medicare  July 1, 2009
NEWS RELEASE:  Coalition urges NB Health Minister to find public sector solutions  May 6, 2009
NEWS RELEASE:  Coalition launches national campaign to save public health care  April 15, 2009

Older Media Coverage

December 2012

National Medicare Week: Canadians looking for federal leadership in health care Media Release, December 3, 2012

Canadian Health Coalition raises alarm over lack of federal leadership Radio Canada, December 3, 2012

November 2012

Saskatchewan’s Wall slams federal cuts to refugee health  CBC News, November 22, 2012

October 2012

Survery: Most Canadians think private health insurance will drive up costs  Radio Canada International, October 31, 2012

The knives are out for Medicare in Jeffrey Simpson’s new book  The Hill Times, October 22, 2012

Health-care system fails frail Alberta seniors when they most need it  Edmonton Journal, October 4, 2012

September 2012

Strong majority of Canadians oppose drug patent extension in Canada-EU trade deal: poll, Media Release, September 16, 2012

August 2012

B.C. government files for injunction against private medical clinics  Global News, August 23, 2012

Poorest Canadians skipping drug care; Inequality between those who can afford medication and those who can’t is growing, CMA says  Globe and Mail, August 13, 2012

July 2012

Premiers forge plan to save millions on drugs  COF REPORT  RELATED Globe and Mail, July 26

Protesters send message to premiers over healthcare CBC News, July 26, 2012

It’s time to protect, strengthen and extend public health care Toronto Star, July 25, 2012

Health care of top importance to Canadians CTV News, July 25, 2012

New poll finds health care as the overwhelming top priority among Canadians CBC News, July 25, 2012

Private hospital told doctors to delay work to boost profits The Independent, July 21, 2012

Dr. Brian Day’s private “Cambie” clinic accused of illegal extra-billing Toronto Star, July 19, 2012  RELATED  MORE ON DAY

Private MRIs coming to NB; Health critic warns it will lead to queue-jumping and drain specialists from public system CBC News, July 18, 2012

Nobel laureate joins Toronto rabbi group in condemning refugee health cuts Globe and Mail, July 7, 2012

Conservative Attack on Refugee Health Care, Numerous Media (April-July 2012)

JUNE 2012

Pull together for public health care Toronto Star, June 30, 2012

MAY 2012

Canadians want “leadership” from feds to fix health care says new report commissioned by Harper government Postmedia News, May 22

Cuts to refugee health insurance dangerous, inhumane. Doctors say they want changes Media Coverage, May 7-11

APRIL 2012

Coalition Supports Senate’s Call for Federal Leadership on Health Care  Media Release, April 24

Ottawa turning its back on health care, coalition says The Guardian, April 17

Wildrose isn’t hip when it comes to health care Calgary Herald, April 17

MARCH 2012

Senate study says health-care system needs help Postmedia News, March 28


For-profit care hurts quality in long run Edmonton Journal, February 25

Québecers complain MDs charge cash for care; Patients fear losing doctors if they file complaint Ottawa Citizen , February 23

Quebec doctors cashing in on long wait lists: minister CBC News, February 20


Health budget math doesn’t add up, Toronto Star, January 20

Will any government stand up for Medicare  Toronto Star, January 18

Harper’s plan would kill medicare in Canada  The Hill Times, January 16

Why medicare needs Ottawa; There’s more to leadership than writing cheques, Globe and Mail, January 16

Stephen Harper’s hands-off stance could signal end to national health-care system: Romanow, National Post, January 8


Feds walk away from health care reform  Media Release, December 21

Privatization threatens public health care, Romanow warns  Toronto Star, December 1

More coverage needed in Canada’s public health system, says Romanow Postmedia News, December 1


Editorial: Heed Paul Martin’s advice on fixing health care  Globe and Mail, September 26


Making patients pay won’t make healthcare system more affordable  Hill Times, August 15

What the health care system can learn from McDonald’s  Globe and Mail, August 13

APRIL 2011

Conservatives refuse to debate the number one issue of concern to Canadians  Media Release, April 6

MARCH 2011

Politicians must be clear on ‘federal’ health issues  Globe and Mail, March 31

Canadians don’t share Harper’s zest for fighter jets, debt reduction, poll shows  Globe and Mail, March 22

This just in: more contempt from the Harper Government  The Hill Times, March 21


Harper starving health care, declares Shirley Douglas  Toronto Star, February 25

Warning: Mulroney has another big idea for health care!  The Hill Times, February 21

New York medical brokerage gains ground in Canada  Post Media News, February 12


Private clinic opens doors to auditors  Globe and Mail, January 24

For-profit facilities leave seniors vulnerable  Globe and Mail, January 24

Private clinics under investigation: Health board launches 11 probes  Montreal Gazette, January 20

‘Concierge’ medical services under fire; Annual fee: $975  Montreal Gazette, January 19

Privatization is not a quick fix for the health system  Toronto Star, January 8

Private clinic use worries Sask. public  StarPhoenix, January 6


Feds walk away from health care reform  Media Release, December 21

Health-care protest hits Alberta legislature  CBC News, December 4


Leaked document shows two-tier Alberta health plan  Canadian Press, November 30

Want fast care? Slip an MD some cash  Montreal Gazette, November 27

Social media play key role in defending medicare  Toronto Star, November 18

Private health care is risky for all of us  Globe and Mail, November 12

Medicare is a good system with lax management  Toronto Star, November 12

Legal challenges may imperil medicare, public health care advocates say  Canadian Medical Association Journal, November 11

What the Globe and Mail won’t tell you about Brian Day  Medicare Watch, November 9

Medicare has a very good month  Toronto Star, November 9

Is too much talk becoming toxic?  Montrel Gazette, November 6


Health care myths debunked  Winnipeg Free Press, October 27

Arbitrator restricts Regina health region’s contracting-out plans  Media Release, September 29


Health care not a typical consumer product  Montreal Gazette, September 25

Oh, the irony. Free marketers want taxpayers to bail out private health-care firm  Calgary Herald, September 8

Alberta eyes ‘people first’ overhaul of health care   Globe and Mail, September 17


Health Minister’s no-show is a monumental snub for Medicare  Globe and Mail, August 26

JULY 2010

Ignatieff defaults to the right  Winnipeg Free Press, July 7

JUNE 2010

Leading economist shatters myth that public health care is ‘unsustainable’  Media Release, June 17

Public health care as sustainable as we want it to be   Toronto Star, June 1

MAY 2010

Health Coalition co-ordinator calls for national public drug plan  Charlottetown Guardian, May 14

Bankrupt beacon of privatized health-care  Toronto Star, May 11

APRIL 2010

Reality check on health-care costs: Despite the rhetoric about unsustainability, privatization and user fees are not the answer  Toronto Star, April 4

MARCH 2010

Liberals urged to overhaul Medicare due to rising costs  Canadian Press, March 27

Canada Health Act Annual Report: Parliament kept in the dark. No accountability or transparency on health funding  Media Release, March 25

Free market only inflates the cost of health care  National Post, March 18

British health system has seen little benefit from market reforms, says think tank  British Medical Journal, March 8


Public versus profit; Alberta’s new health reform agenda has a distinctly Calgary flavour as private, for-profit clinics take hold  Edmonton Journal, February 28

Public is urged to dump private companies from health system  British Medical Journal, February 12


The Fraser Institute bangs its well-worn drum on health care, December 1


Harper should honour National Medicare Week by acting on private clinics, initiating Pharmacare  Media Release, November 17

New Poll: 90% of Canadians Support Public Health Care  Nanos Research, November 4

Private clinics accused of H1N1 queue jumping  CTV News, November 3

Private-clinic patients jump the line for flu shot   The Globe and Mail, November 2


Health Coalition warns Sask. gov’t: Paying for private-surgical clinics could jeopardize wait times progress  Media Release, October 30

Mary Walsh to Headline CHC’s 30th Anniversary Gala  Canadian Health Coalition , October 26

Friends of Medicare calls upon Health Ministers to make extra-billing and user charges public  Media Release, October 1


Canada outranks United States in healthcare report card  Reuters, September 28

Alberta health care protesters want answers from Stelmach  Edmonton Journal, September 25

Canadian Health Care, Even With Queues, Bests U.S.  Bloomberg News, September 18

An inconvenient truth for the GOP: Canada’s system is better  The Globe and Mail, September 14

Supreme Court Showdown for Private Clinics  The Tyee, September 7, 2009


Why I’d rather be sick here than in U.S.  Toronto Star, August 20

Introduce competition to boost health care, MDs say  The Globe and Mail, August 20

Editorial: Doctoring Medicare  Toronto Star, August 16

Canadians back ‘public solutions’ to improve care, poll finds  The Globe and Mail, August 12

Health bogeymen cloud the issue  Cape Breton Post, August 12

Public health care scores big in poll as MDs study privatization  Toronto Star, August 12

Profit takes precedence over reform  Toronto Star, August 11

A Canadian doctor diagnoses U.S. healthcare  L.A. Times, August 3

JULY 2009

U.S. debate reminds us our medicare is worth it  The Globe and Mail, July 30

Real Canadians stick up for universal health care  Huffington Post, July 29

N.B. Health Coalition pleased with Shawn Graham’s decision to stop private diagnostic clinics  News Release, July 21

New Brunswick puts brakes on private clinics  Telegraph-Journal, July 21

Private health care slips under radar  The Globe and Mail, July 16

Canada’s Medicare Gets Black Eye in U.S. Health Care Fight  The Epoch Times, July 14

A relaity check on a reality check  Ottawa Citizen, July 12, 2009

(video)  Bill Moyers interview with Wendell Potter, former health insurance industry-insider, July 10

JUNE 2009

Public health care saves lives  The Observer, June 25

Debunking Canadian health care myths  Denver Post, June 7

Public health care worth saving  Toronto Star, June 5

Speaker outlines merits of Medicare  Charlottetown Guardian, June 2

MAY 2009

A good-news story about cancer  Ottawa Citizen, May 17

Health care is good for the economy  National Post, May 14, 2009

U.S. health care lies about Canada   Financial Post, May 13

Canadian doctor stars in U.S. TV ads touting private health care   May 7-12

Canadian Health Coalition Open Letter to U.S. President Barack Obama, May 7

Privatizing health care can be pricey  Daily Gleaner, May 6

APRIL 2009

Next stop for New Brunswick: privatized health care  Telegraph Journal, April 29

At this private clinic, even a dead man had to wait  April-May

Murphy still committed to health care ‘competition’  Times & Transcript, April 22

Don’t listen to the myth of a European model for health care  The Hill Times, April 20

Can’t wait for CMA head to leave  Toronto Star, April 18

Medicare advocates target top doctor  Toronto Star, April 16

Coalition slams Murphy for private delivery musings  CBC News, April 16

Coalition fights private health care  Times & Transcript, April 16

For-profit won’t heal health care  Toronto Star, April 16

Brian Day’s “Unlawful Billing Practices”  Canwest News, April 15

No time to give up on health principles Letter to the Editor  National Post, April 10

There’s a fly in the ointment of Ouellet’s health-care cure  Medical Post, April 7

The Canadian Media’s Push for Privatized Medicine  Fifth Estate, April 1

MARCH 2009

Public being misled by marketing of medical scans Download Report  CCPA, March 30

More MRI cash helping rich more than poor: study  The Globe and Mail, March 3


P3 bailouts expose health-care hypocrisy  The Globe and Mail, February 12

Stephen Harper’s federal budget bad for your health  Straight Goods, February 12

CMA pushes Europe-style health care  National Post, February 10

The Hip Bone’s Connected to the Wallet  Ottawa Citizen, February 8

In this P3, taxpayers are the ones who paid  The Globe and Mail, February 5


Cataractes: deux fois moins cher dans le public English  Le Devoir, January 30


Canada Health Act breaches ignored, groups charge  CMAJ, November 18

B.C. Gov’t told officials to not enforce health laws  BCNU, November 13

Explosion of private clinics raising red flags  Toronto Star, October 6