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Debunking the myths surrounding privatization and the public health care system

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CUPE, February 2011

New videos produced by CUPE on the myths surrounding the privatization of health care are now available. Whether you are a health care worker, a union activist or a concerned citizen, the videos help to answer important questions about the future of our public health care system. MORE …


Health Care System Debate

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Business News Network (September 9, 2010)
Health Care System Debate


Michael McBane, National Coordinator, Canadian Health Coalition
Dr. Brian Day, Cambie Surgery Centre, and former president of the Canadian Medical Association



Rick Mercer congratulates the Canadian Health Coalition on 30 years!

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The Canadian Health Coalition 30th Anniversary Gala was held November 17th and was a great success.
A big thanks to all those who made the event possible. CLICK HERE for more information and videos.


Kiefer Sutherland pledges his support for Medicare

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Click here to sign the MEDICARE PLEDGE


New Nanos Poll: 90% of Canadians Support Medicare

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Sign the Medicare Pledge

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Private clinic patients jump the flu queue

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Canadians back ‘public solutions’ to improve care, poll finds

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According to Globe and Mail Columnist André Picard:

“An overwhelming 86 per cent of Canadians favour “public solutions” for bolstering medicare, according to a new poll. The survey, commissioned by the Canadian Health Coalition, is being released Wednesday as a pre-emptive strike. That is because the Canadian Medical Association, at its coming general council meeting, plans to stage a high-profile discussion about transforming medicare, and it will release its own poll on support for privately delivered care. Michael McBane, national co-ordinator of the Canadian Health Coalition, said he has no doubt that poll will show strong support for “privatization schemes” but the “language used in the CMA survey was so vague and misleading that its results cannot possible be interpreted as support for more for-profit medicine.” He said that the outgoing CMA president, Robert Ouellet, operates private medical imaging clinics and is promoting a personal agenda that is out of step with Canadian values.”